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S. R. Enterprises

Bactilis Biopesticide

Our company is an eminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Bactilis Biopesticide from Sangli, Maharashtra. Our team of experts who formulate the product make sure that it is made of accurate composition so that it can act as a fungicide without compromising on the quality of the plant. Clients from all over India can be assured of receiving a quality batch of Bactilis Biopesticide with its purity intact.


Mode of Action :

  • Substrate Competition for space and Nutrients : BACTILIS colonizes maximum space of the root systems and absorbs maximum nutrients available at the target site and thereby controls the pathogens by starving them for food and competing for space- Domino effect.
  • Mycoparasitism : BACTILIS is a biological fungicide that attacks disease-causing pathogens before they reach the root system. It derives nutrition from the target pathogen and BACTILIS spores multiply inside it and eventually kill the pathogen.
  • Enzyme production : BACTILIS secretes certain antagonistic secondary metabolites which have an anti fungal effect that pathogenise and kill the disease causing organism.
  • Target Diseases : BACTILIS controls disease causing pathogenic species like Pythium, Alterneria, Xanthomonas, Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Oidiopsis, Alterneria, Leveillula, Phakopsora, Sclerotium, Phytopthora, Peranospora, Sclerotinia which cause diseases such as root rot, root wilt, seedling rot, early blight, late blight, leaf spot, stem rot and mildew diseases in crops.
  • Crops : BACTILIS is suitable for application on Cereals , Millets , Pulses, Oilseeds, Fibre Crops , Sugar Crops , Forage Crops , Plantation crops ,Vegetables, Fruits, Spices , Flowers , Medicinal crops , Aromatic Crops , Orchards and Ornamentals
  • Compatibility : BACTILIS is compatible with BioPesticides and not with Chemical Fungicides.
  • Shelf Life : BACTILIS is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Population density : 1×109 cfu/ml
  • Packing available : 1litre/5 litres/20litres.

Method of Application :

  • For spraying- 1 to 2 ml/lt of water.
  • For drip/drenching-1lt/acre
  • For soil treatment-1lt in 25kg cowdung for 1 acre.



Technical Name : Bascillus Subtilis